Historical Costumes

Listed in reverse chronological order

1869 Silk Taffeta Day Dress

Based on two 1869 fashion plates, a day dress made of a black/brown shot silk taffeta with cream silk taffeta accents and a matching hat.

Brown Wool Elizabethan Cloak

A full-length wool cloak, with a deep hem guard of darker wool, lined in red cotton/linen.

An Elizabethan Middle Class Woman's Wardrobe

A collection of kirtles, sleeves, and skirts that can be interchanged freely to create multiple looks with a small number of garments.

1920s Sheer Polka-dot Dress

Based on an extant 1926 dress, a sheer black dress with white polka dots over a black slip.

Mid-Victorian Red Paisley Day Dress

A generic mid-victorian day dress made of red paisley print fabric in Christmas colors, with a white silk bonnet trimmed in red.

Red Elizabethan Kirtle and Slashed Doublet

A heavy red kirtle with velveteen guards and a slashed wool felt doublet.

The Nitty-Gritty

These are all my historical costuming endeavors (well, those for which a photographic record exists), listed in reverse chronological order so the newest costumes are on top. Until I am able to break each outfit out into its own page, everything is listed here in gallery format with a short description of each.